Month: December 2013

Looking for Alaska - John Green

Reading books

I recently picked up reading again and shortly after I read my first two books (technically I wasn’t quite through with my second book, though), I got the idea I might need a Kindle. My wife has owned one since I gave her one about a year ago and she was very positive about it. Read More

Being human [#5]

Standing alone atop a big hill. Spreading its wings like an eagle mid-flight. Catching wind as it passes by, trying to fly. Multiplying. Standing proud like a peacock. Colours as those only found described in books. Taking rain drops like mortars to the face but standing strong. Fighting off enemies. It does not know its Read More

The search is over [#4]

As the bearded man left the room, giving up his search and losing all hope, the house was still empty and slightly colder than the room. Being in the state the man was, he almost couldn’t recognize the house outside the room, but he kept walking. Walking outside through the front door. When he got Read More

Scumbag Gmail: caching all images in your e-mail

Alright, so for work I sometimes have to do lame things like programming HTML e-mails. The amount of effort one puts into getting the result across several mail clients is not what you’d expect. Anyway, to the point: Google Mail (Gmail) caches all your images. So when updating an e-mail template, don’t wonder about you Read More

The arrival [#3]

“Martin,” spoke a powerful voice from the almost empty dark sky covered in tiny white dots that are actually the size of a thousand suns, “where be you?” Martin looked up ever so shocked by the sudden thundery voice, “wow, what’s going on here? Who dares speaketh to my wicked awesome person?” As he waited Read More

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