Month: January 2014

I am ill [#7]

Sweat pearls gliding over the surface of my skin Like dew collecting on the way down of a damp winter’s morning Gaining speed Grass as the race track of this simple product My skin as it of a complicated one Dropping from my nose Free falling down to my feet I slip I fall Funny Read More

Escalation of hatred [#6]

The younger of two brothers was furious. Teeth clenched, balding his fists, eyes tight shut, struggling to gain control over his excited muscles. The older of the two had no regrets, no fear and was just standing there as his brother almost burst with drops of spit exiting his mouth from anger. Due to a semi-violent history Read More

WordPress Child Themes

I like WordPress, both the system as developing for it. It’s not always the easiest thing to work with, but there are many many features and plugins to make your life easier. Creating Child Themes is my newest find in the wicked awesomeness of WordPress. It’s a way of customizing an existing theme, while keeping the Read More

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