Month: October 2014

Meanings of BD/BRrip, DVDrip, R5, PPVrip, TS, etc..

Here’s a helpful document, found on BDRip (BluRay Disk Rip) BDRips are encoded directly from the BluRay disk, so should be of better quality than a DVDRip. They usually have a resolution of 720p (or 1080p), and are encoded using the matroska (.mkv) container and x264 codec. DVDRip A copy of the final released Read More

Basics to media queries in CSS

I just spent a whopping 10 minutes looking for a solution to the fact that my media queries weren’t being used on a handheld. Let me start by saying I’m updating an old website here, so there was no use of a template or any form of fancy stuff. I’m talking Notepad and handwritten code. Read More

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