Month: November 2014

SASS doesn’t merge selectors or styles

Something I came across just now: SASS doesn’t combine similar styles or even selectors. I made a few simple styles and wanted to see what SASS would make of it. Read More

Simple page to test Regular expressions

Ruby-based regular expression editor: Read More

Google Inbox invite anyone?

Google just gave away a bunch of Google Inbox Invites again and I got several now, so if you want to give it a try (you can jump back and forth between Inbox and normal Gmail anytime), drop me a line here. Read More

I decided to give Twitter another chance

On 14 September 2009 at 17:06 I joined Twitter to register my name there. It’s good to have some online establishment I think. I never intended to use and found the information overwhelming and chaotic and this hasn’t gotten better over the years. It’s a mess. I am following 209 people and am followed by 86 (most people I know from work). Read More

Google’s Gmail app shows inline ads…

This morning I was checking my email in the official Gmail app (to be honest, I accidentally hit it and decided to organize a bit) and I noticed an unknown message that looked slightly different: an ad. I knew Google was showing ads in their Gmail web app (technically it’s a website, but people insist on using the term “web app”, because it can do quite a lot more than an old fashion website) and I’m fine with that. Showing an ad in a mobile app is fine too, but I don’t like how they put it there. It looks like an email message apart from the timestamp that is replaced with an “i” for information about the ads and the lack of a select box. Read More

Force a favicon to refresh

Ever had to change a favicon and you wanted to update it? The browser caches these icons for a long time and for good reason, because in general they don’t change that much. There’s an easy way to let the browser get a new one (and this goes for javascripts, images, stylesheets and all other Read More

Deregister iMessage via a website Read More

Google tip: show your calendar in search

If you use Google Calendar and want a quick view of you upcoming calendar items, search for my calendar and the Google shows you a clean view of your upcoming items. Read More

Meet Tom [#9]

And suddenly they were no more. No one left alive and Tom stood there, baffled with disbelief of this event. Was it real? Could he be dreaming? Some time went by as Tom stood there, staring at their bodies. It was real and it did happen. 11 years old today. Alone. Read More

Google did it again: this time foursquare goes down

Google just released their new Maps app. It features nearby places, searchable by time of day (afternoon restaurants, night bars) within a certain range of you now showing the weather at the time. Sounds familiar, yes? Read More

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