Month: November 2014

Grunt, what is it and why do you want it?

Grunt automates the shit you have to worry about before and after you’ve written a piece of code. Whether you want to minimize Javascript or a bunch of stylesheets, easily implement a custom version of Modernizr, clean the output folder, add headers to minified files or checking for valid code with JSHint, Grunt’s your man. Read More

Made this site a real blog now

Today I made the start page of this blog an overview of the latest posts, as is usual for a weblog. Sorry for the delay! I moved the Intro page to About Me. A weblog should be an actively changing environment, always getting the latest content the author has to offer. So here you are! Read More

CSS can not start with a number

Found a little note to myself here from 3 years back: if you’re a front end developer, remember that a CSS class can not start with a number. Of course you can set it to that and address it via JavaScript, but the styles you want them to have won’t show. Read More

Did Google just kill Dropbox’s Mailbox with Inbox?

Well, did they? Aren’t they pretty much the same app? Here’s Mailbox and here’s the new Inbox. Read More

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