Month: November 2016

Thunder [#13]

Clarence stood up slightly disoriented, as he often felt. He woke up from a sudden dampened sound in the distance. The sound of thunder. A heavy rumble in the dark. The coming of something bad. He looked at his clock, it was 2:25AM. Outside, pitch black. He felt scared, cold, and re-wrapped his feet in Read More

Grass [#12]

Mike is an inexperienced smoker. But when he smoked, it was more often weed than tobacco. Smoking weed was something he used to do with friends. After school, after work or in the weekends after some drinks, but never alone. Hanging on the couch, talking, watching some television, playing games, something salty nearby and a Read More

A sunny day [#11]

Blue sky, some clouds and a slight breeze. The sun shining ever so mildly. A perfect day, a perfect moment. Johnny was so absorbed by it he couldn’t think. An amazing feeling, powered by – nay, fed by – pure happiness. Nothing to distract him, not a sound in range, not a thought in mind. Read More

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