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Headless setup raspberry pi?

A few days ago I had to reinstall my Raspberry Pi, because the SD card was too slow for my taste. I got raspbian, flashed the SD card and connected power and an ethernet cable. Why couldn’t I access it out of the box? Read More

AngularJS trick

You’re using AngularJS with some form and don’t want to hassle with event listeners when changing a property of an object. Usually, the ng-change directive works only with the new value of whatever you toss at it, but you can send the old value as well. Read More

How To Setup PhpStorm, Xdebug, and MAMP for Debugging

Learn how to setup and configure PhpStorm for debugging with MAMP and Xdebug. I must have read 8 – 10 articles scattered about the internet when I first got PhpStorm setup to do debugging with Xdebug and MAMP. Each article seems to be missing one key piece of the puzzle. After a few days mucking with Read More

SQL: Undo last executed query?

Nope, can’t be done. You’ll have to work with transactions, if you want any sort of control over this. Or, you know, test first. Read More

IP Geolocation service

Sometimes you want to give a user an almost instant feeling of being “home” on your website by offering them location based content. There are several ways of doing this, but often you don’t need their exact GPS location. Luckily there are services around, that simply convert the visitor’s IP address to a geolocation.<!–more–>A project Read More

Azure Themes

The Azure Dashboard can be customized by double clicking outside the dashboard. The new Portal has this as well, but whereas the old Azure Dashboard had 5 themes, the new Portal has only 4 and no background images. Pretty nifty, I’d say and really nice they thought of that. Of course it’s nothing new to Microsoft Read More

CSS declaration order

I recently heard many developers actually have a system other than the alphabetical one to order the rules inside their CSS. Apparently a growing number of developers is ordering their CSS rules by means of dividing them into sections and then writing them according to what they do. Read More

Do not use jQuery’s live()

Hey, here’s a quick post, because I’m going through some old code and am in the process of refactoring and updating a lot of Javascript. jQuery is a powerful library that is very easy to use. Therein lies the problem: its simplicity makes it an easy target to be misused by developers. One easy way of misusing the library is by using the live() function. Read More

WordPress development in PhpStorm Read More

Renaming your business is a pain

Say, you’ve got a blooming business, some social accounts to keep in contact with the outside world, giving out partner items to your users, but after a while you are not too happy about your product’s name anymore. What do you do? You fight and you fight hard. You make a plan of what you want Read More

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