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SASS doesn’t merge selectors or styles

Something I came across just now: SASS doesn’t combine similar styles or even selectors. I made a few simple styles and wanted to see what SASS would make of it. Read More

Simple page to test Regular expressions

Ruby-based regular expression editor: Read More

Force a favicon to refresh

Ever had to change a favicon and you wanted to update it? The browser caches these icons for a long time and for good reason, because in general they don’t change that much. There’s an easy way to let the browser get a new one (and this goes for javascripts, images, stylesheets and all other Read More

CSS can not start with a number

Found a little note to myself here from 3 years back: if you’re a front end developer, remember that a CSS class can not start with a number. Of course you can set it to that and address it via JavaScript, but the styles you want them to have won’t show. Read More

iOS Tip: Redirecting to the app, if it’s installed

A little piece of code, that might come in handy one day. It’s meant for iOS visitors, that want to install your app and it automatically opens the app if it’s installed, or go to the App Store if it’s not. Read More

PayOne test hash

If you use PayOne as a payment provider for your website and you run into a message that says the hash value is incorrect, here’s a little secret. Read More

$(document).ready() != $(window).load()

Here’s a short one:

is not the same as

So choose wisely. Read More

No database diagrams for SQL Azure yet

Problem: I am working with a database hosted on Azure and SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) and I need a database diagram. Answer: I can’t create a database diagram. Turns out it just isn’t there yet. Solution: create a local database and work with that. Read More

Using source map files to debug SASS in Chrome

Here’s a cool tutorial on how to work with source map files for SASS in Chrome. Using Source Maps to Debug Sass in Chrome And a tip: leave “Auto-reload generated CSS” active. It’ll automatically refresh the styles, without leaving or reloading the page. Pretty nifty. Read More

Building loooong forms that don’t timeout at the end

If you build many different websites in your work, you’re bound to stumble upon a project where you have to build a huge form, but have no way of changing the server’s session settings (which is not what you want anyway). So, here’s a little tutorial on how to keep the form from timing out Read More

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