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Basics to media queries in CSS

I just spent a whopping 10 minutes looking for a solution to the fact that my media queries weren’t being used on a handheld. Let me start by saying I’m updating an old website here, so there was no use of a template or any form of fancy stuff. I’m talking Notepad and handwritten code. Read More

Pause (or play) embedded YouTube video’s with Javascript

First, make sure the embedded video has the following parameter set to 1, like so: // Or if it’s not the first parameter, replace the question mark with an ampersand, like so //   Now, when you blend in the video with some fancy effect (div sliding upwards, fading or bounce) and want it to stop it Read More

Animated GIFs only playing once? (Google Chrome)

Recently I had to build a website and add some fancy effects to it. Animated GIFs were used for smaller effects, CSS3 and Javascript for other dynamic stuff. Anyway, the animated GIFs were playing just once when the website was loaded fresh (i.e. no cache) and then just stood there. I must add at this Read More

WordPress Child Themes

I like WordPress, both the system as developing for it. It’s not always the easiest thing to work with, but there are many many features and plugins to make your life easier. Creating Child Themes is my newest find in the wicked awesomeness of WordPress. It’s a way of customizing an existing theme, while keeping the Read More

Scumbag Gmail: caching all images in your e-mail

Alright, so for work I sometimes have to do lame things like programming HTML e-mails. The amount of effort one puts into getting the result across several mail clients is not what you’d expect. Anyway, to the point: Google Mail (Gmail) caches all your images. So when updating an e-mail template, don’t wonder about you Read More

Don't Give Up

First post

So, here we have it! The first post. What to write about, what to write about. I guess I could write about my most recent work, which is optimization of our inhouse website by introducing her to the entity framework. Or I could write about previous lessons learned from the project? Or just non-project related Read More

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