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Update PhpStorm on Linux

Simple script to update PhpStorm on Linux: Read More

No Man’s Sky’s false advertising

Why couldn’t Hello Games deliver? Why did they lie in interviews? By now everyone remotely interested in gaming has heard of this game called No Man’s Sky and its inability to provide what was promised.

Read More

My all time favourite quote

<tatclass> YOU ALL SUCK DICK <tatclass> er. <tatclass> hi. <andy\code> A common typo. <tatclass> the keys are like right next to each other. – Read More

How to fix Logitech Gaming Software [updated for completeness!]

For Christmas I got a Logitech G930 headset and occasionally I use a G700s mouse. Both are meant for gaming and can be managed and customized with Logitech’s Gaming Software. That worked for about 10 days, after that, shit hit the fan. Read More

Today I tossed my Fitbit Zip

I have been the proud owner of a Fitbit Zip for quite a while now. It feels like a lifetime ago we found one at a sale of Munich’s SportScheck, but it’s actually only been about 19 months, during which I tracked about 6100 km in a little under 7.8 million steps. When I upgraded my iPhone 4 to Read More

Google Chrome hijacking keyboard media hotkeys

Here’s a little info on something I ran into today: I couldn’t get Winamp to use my keyboard’s media keys, because they were already being used by another program. Read More

Cheap sofas on eBay! [not an ad]

Looking for a sofa, but don’t want to dig your way through IKEA on a Saturday and you don’t have just 700 Euros laying around? Good news for you then! Read More

If Louis C.K. Quotes Were Motivational Posters Read More

Kindle’s dictionaries, where do they come from?

If you have a Kindle, you must have used the dictionaries at one point. It’s when you select a word (by either moving the cursor to it or simple holding your finger on it for a second) and the device shows you the meaning from a dictionary in the book’s language. Where do these definitions come from and why do they work for all languages? Read More

Can’t disconnect Facebook from Spotify, you’ll lose your premium account

This Saturday my sister asked me how she could disconnect her Facebook data from Spotify and continue using Spotify with her email address and password. She used them to login in rather than her Facebook account data. It all worked until we disallowed Spotify to get access to her Facebook account. Read More

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