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Thunder [#13]

Clarence stood up slightly disoriented, as he often felt. He woke up from a sudden dampened sound in the distance. The sound of thunder. A heavy rumble in the dark. The coming of something bad. He looked at his clock, it was 2:25AM. Outside, pitch black. He felt scared, cold, and re-wrapped his feet in Read More

Grass [#12]

Mike is an inexperienced smoker. But when he smoked, it was more often weed than tobacco. Smoking weed was something he used to do with friends. After school, after work or in the weekends after some drinks, but never alone. Hanging on the couch, talking, watching some television, playing games, something salty nearby and a Read More

A sunny day [#11]

Blue sky, some clouds and a slight breeze. The sun shining ever so mildly. A perfect day, a perfect moment. Johnny was so absorbed by it he couldn’t think. An amazing feeling, powered by – nay, fed by – pure happiness. Nothing to distract him, not a sound in range, not a thought in mind. Read More

A dark thought [#10]

What would it feel like to snap someone’s neck? It would have to be a child’s neck, because Harold wasn’t a very strong man. Not a baby’s, though. Just a child, pure and innocent, a product of bad parenting. Hold him with two hands resting on his shoulders, thumbs on his spine, silent, pressing harder Read More

Meet Tom [#9]

And suddenly they were no more. No one left alive and Tom stood there, baffled with disbelief of this event. Was it real? Could he be dreaming? Some time went by as Tom stood there, staring at their bodies. It was real and it did happen. 11 years old today. Alone. Read More

Train station toilets. [#8]

They’re highlights of disgusting stuff. Sad walls, grey steel bins to shit, a single sheet of stainless steel to piss against, graffiti on every wall, the smell, the floor wet from god knows, a single fucked up washing spot that doesn’t want to be touched and a door you’ll wait for to be opened from Read More

I am ill [#7]

Sweat pearls gliding over the surface of my skin Like dew collecting on the way down of a damp winter’s morning Gaining speed Grass as the race track of this simple product My skin as it of a complicated one Dropping from my nose Free falling down to my feet I slip I fall Funny Read More

Escalation of hatred [#6]

The younger of two brothers was furious. Teeth clenched, balding his fists, eyes tight shut, struggling to gain control over his excited muscles. The older of the two had no regrets, no fear and was just standing there as his brother almost burst with drops of spit exiting his mouth from anger. Due to a semi-violent history Read More

Being human [#5]

Standing alone atop a big hill. Spreading its wings like an eagle mid-flight. Catching wind as it passes by, trying to fly. Multiplying. Standing proud like a peacock. Colours as those only found described in books. Taking rain drops like mortars to the face but standing strong. Fighting off enemies. It does not know its Read More

The search is over [#4]

As the bearded man left the room, giving up his search and losing all hope, the house was still empty and slightly colder than the room. Being in the state the man was, he almost couldn’t recognize the house outside the room, but he kept walking. Walking outside through the front door. When he got Read More

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