Category: Short Stories

The arrival [#3]

“Martin,” spoke a powerful voice from the almost empty dark sky covered in tiny white dots that are actually the size of a thousand suns, “where be you?” Martin looked up ever so shocked by the sudden thundery voice, “wow, what’s going on here? Who dares speaketh to my wicked awesome person?” As he waited Read More

The gift [#2]

Goddamn selfish piece of breathing waste of space gave himself a fuckin’ cookie to celebrate his first day as an ungrateful gathering of crap and said it was for me. Fuckin’ bastard ate it, too! Never been so pissed! He tried making up for his pathetic prank by giving himself a heart shaped fuckin’ blanket. Read More

The midnight call [#1]

As I stepped into the room which had no light, a sudden movement – lit by the lights behind me – caught my eyes in the corner. As a reflex I hastily walked backwards back to the light and closed the door in a swift and silent move. But alas, the creature had awakened and Read More

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