Pause (or play) embedded YouTube video’s with Javascript

First, make sure the embedded video has the following parameter set to 1, like so: // Or if it’s not the first parameter, replace the question mark with an ampersand, like so //   Now, when you blend in the video with some fancy effect (div sliding upwards, fading or bounce) and want it to stop it Read More

Train station toilets. [#8]

They’re highlights of disgusting stuff. Sad walls, grey steel bins to shit, a single sheet of stainless steel to piss against, graffiti on every wall, the smell, the floor wet from god knows, a single fucked up washing spot that doesn’t want to be touched and a door you’ll wait for to be opened from Read More

Facebook owns Moves now…

So Facebook just bought Moves. Facebook owns your communication ( WhatsApp ), your mobile phone’s internet usage ( Onavo ), your 3D experience ( Oculus Rift ), your fun pictures ( Instagram ), your relationships ( Facebook ) and now your fitness… All they need are a pair of glasses with cameras and they’ll see inside your homes and offices! Read More

Export your Loom to Dropbox for another 5GB of free space!

Dropbox just bought Loom to expand their reach and become your next mobile photo manager (after recently buying Carousel as well). Two upsides for you, the first being you don’t need another tool to backup your pictures online anymore and the other is you can earn an easy 5GB on your free Dropbox plan by Read More

iPhone 3G without a display

History of phones

In my 27 years of violating the earth’s crust, I haven’t had many telephones. Here’s a list. Swing 200 My first telephone. A big ol’ plastic device with rounded corners, an antenna and lots of rubber to add to the weight. Big soft rubber buttons sticking out and a phone the size of a roll Read More

Mac Keyboard

Fix a Mac’s Home and End keys

If you’re like me and you don’t like the way the keys on a Mac work but are forced to do so temporarily, here’s a good tip on fixing those darn Home and End keys: First, pen Terminal as admin user and enter: $ cd ~/Library $ mkdir KeyBindings $ cd KeyBindings $ nano DefaultKeyBinding.dict Read More

Animated GIFs only playing once? (Google Chrome)

Recently I had to build a website and add some fancy effects to it. Animated GIFs were used for smaller effects, CSS3 and Javascript for other dynamic stuff. Anyway, the animated GIFs were playing just once when the website was loaded fresh (i.e. no cache) and then just stood there. I must add at this Read More

WhatsApp and Facebook

A lot of people have started a campaign of hate towards WhatsApp and saying it’s rubbish. What changed? Facebook bought the lot. Why are people complaining all of a sudden? Because they don’t trust Facebook. Why don’t they trust Facebook? Because for some reason they seem to think they’re the most important people in the Read More

I am ill [#7]

Sweat pearls gliding over the surface of my skin Like dew collecting on the way down of a damp winter’s morning Gaining speed Grass as the race track of this simple product My skin as it of a complicated one Dropping from my nose Free falling down to my feet I slip I fall Funny Read More

Escalation of hatred [#6]

The younger of two brothers was furious. Teeth clenched, balding his fists, eyes tight shut, struggling to gain control over his excited muscles. The older of the two had no regrets, no fear and was just standing there as his brother almost burst with drops of spit exiting his mouth from anger. Due to a semi-violent history Read More

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