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CSS declaration order

I recently heard many developers actually have a system other than the alphabetical one to order the rules inside their CSS. Apparently a growing number of developers is ordering their CSS rules by means of dividing them into sections and then writing them according to what they do. Read More

SASS doesn’t merge selectors or styles

Something I came across just now: SASS doesn’t combine similar styles or even selectors. I made a few simple styles and wanted to see what SASS would make of it. Read More

CSS can not start with a number

Found a little note to myself here from 3 years back: if you’re a front end developer, remember that a CSS class can not start with a number. Of course you can set it to that and address it via JavaScript, but the styles you want them to have won’t show. Read More

Using source map files to debug SASS in Chrome

Here’s a cool tutorial on how to work with source map files for SASS in Chrome. Using Source Maps to Debug Sass in Chrome And a tip: leave “Auto-reload generated CSS” active. It’ll automatically refresh the styles, without leaving or reloading the page. Pretty nifty. Read More

Basics to media queries in CSS

I just spent a whopping 10 minutes looking for a solution to the fact that my media queries weren’t being used on a handheld. Let me start by saying I’m updating an old website here, so there was no use of a template or any form of fancy stuff. I’m talking Notepad and handwritten code. Read More

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