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AngularJS trick

You’re using AngularJS with some form and don’t want to hassle with event listeners when changing a property of an object.¬†Usually, the ng-change directive works only with the new value of whatever you toss at it, but you can send the old value as well. Read More

Cheap sofas on eBay! [not an ad]

Looking for a sofa, but don’t want to dig your way through IKEA on a Saturday and you don’t have just 700 Euros laying around? Good news for you then! Read More

IP Geolocation service

Sometimes you want to give a user an almost instant feeling of being “home” on your website by offering them location based content. There are several ways of doing this, but often you don’t need their exact GPS location. Luckily there are services around, that simply convert the visitor’s IP address to a geolocation.<!–more–>A project Read More

Do not use jQuery’s live()

Hey, here’s a quick post, because I’m going through some old code and am in the process of refactoring and updating a lot of Javascript. jQuery is a powerful¬†library that is very easy to use. Therein lies the problem: its simplicity makes it an easy target to be misused by developers. One easy way of misusing the library is by using the live() function. Read More

Simple page to test Regular expressions

Ruby-based regular expression editor: http://rubular.com/ Read More

Force a favicon to refresh

Ever had to change a favicon and you wanted to update it? The browser caches these icons for a long time and for good reason, because in general they don’t change that much. There’s an easy way to let the browser get a new one (and this goes for javascripts, images, stylesheets and all other Read More

Deregister iMessage via a website

https://selfsolve.apple.com/deregister-imessage Read More

Google tip: show your calendar in search

If you use Google Calendar and want a quick view of you upcoming calendar items, search for my calendar and the Google shows you a clean view of your upcoming items. Read More

CSS can not start with a number

Found a little note to myself here from 3 years back: if you’re a front end developer, remember that a CSS class can not start with a number. Of course you can set it to that and address it via JavaScript, but the styles you want them to have won’t show. Read More


I recently started using TunnelBear for my iPhone, which is a free and easy to use VPN service to secure your shit on your phone. Today I decided to try the desktop version and I like it! Read More

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