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I recently started using TunnelBear for my iPhone, which is a free and easy to use VPN service to secure your shit on your phone. Today I decided to try the desktop version and I like it! Read More

Why you shouldn’t use the same password over and over again

It’s simple: not all websites are protected very well. “You’re only as strong as your weakest link.” Say you use any or all of these services: Dropbox, Facebook, iCloud, Google Mail, Twitter and some less popular websites and you have the same account information for all of these. Chances are a hacker will try to Read More

The biggest adventure of my life

I recently took a 5 week vacation with my family and it was the biggest adventure of my life. Tears were shed, skin was burnt and broken, love was made and relationships strengthened. This blog will hold no information on it, because I don’t know you. If I do, you will have heard about it. Read More

Meanings of BD/BRrip, DVDrip, R5, PPVrip, TS, etc..

Here’s a helpful document, found on BDRip (BluRay Disk Rip) BDRips are encoded directly from the BluRay disk, so should be of better quality than a DVDRip. They usually have a resolution of 720p (or 1080p), and are encoded using the matroska (.mkv) container and x264 codec. DVDRip A copy of the final released Read More

Facebook owns Moves now…

So Facebook just bought Moves. Facebook owns your communication ( WhatsApp ), your mobile phone’s internet usage ( Onavo ), your 3D experience ( Oculus Rift ), your fun pictures ( Instagram ), your relationships ( Facebook ) and now your fitness… All they need are a pair of glasses with cameras and they’ll see inside your homes and offices! Read More

Export your Loom to Dropbox for another 5GB of free space!

Dropbox just bought Loom to expand their reach and become your next mobile photo manager (after recently buying Carousel as well). Two upsides for you, the first being you don’t need another tool to backup your pictures online anymore and the other is you can earn an easy 5GB on your free Dropbox plan by Read More

iPhone 3G without a display

History of phones

In my 27 years of violating the earth’s crust, I haven’t had many telephones. Here’s a list. Swing 200 My first telephone. A big ol’ plastic device with rounded corners, an antenna and lots of rubber to add to the weight. Big soft rubber buttons sticking out and a phone the size of a roll Read More

Mac Keyboard

Fix a Mac’s Home and End keys

If you’re like me and you don’t like the way the keys on a Mac work but are forced to do so temporarily, here’s a good tip on fixing those darn Home and End keys: First, pen Terminal as admin user and enter: $ cd ~/Library $ mkdir KeyBindings $ cd KeyBindings $ nano DefaultKeyBinding.dict Read More

WhatsApp and Facebook

A lot of people have started a campaign of hate towards WhatsApp and saying it’s rubbish. What changed? Facebook bought the lot. Why are people complaining all of a sudden? Because they don’t trust Facebook. Why don’t they trust Facebook? Because for some reason they seem to think they’re the most important people in the Read More

Looking for Alaska - John Green

Reading books

I recently picked up reading again and shortly after I read my first two books (technically I wasn’t quite through with my second book, though), I got the idea I might need a Kindle. My wife has owned one since I gave her one about a year ago and she was very positive about it. Read More

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