About me

Well, hello and fancy meeting you here! 🙂

I’ve tried writing a blog many a times, but never really knew what to write about and just killed the blog. Once, we had to write an internal blog about our month’s learning moments. I gathered all information and even had a list of items I wanted to put in there, but as I started writing I just didn’t know what to say. I had all the info and the structure, but didn’t know how to put it on a piece of pixel-infected lit screen. I wanted to add pictures of unicorns there (this is a lie) and add animated little people doing the Olympics (again, a lie and no offense, little people), but as this was internal, no such thing came to be. The entire post never came to be, which was quite a shame as I really had something to say (it was a new SharePoint installation with some quirks) and wanted the others to know — sorry guys!

A private attempt at blogging never made a real high either. I just posted stuff that interested me, which is basically what the entire interwebs spidernet does already anyway… So after a lot of posts that no-one read and picture no-one wanted to see, I gave up on that.

Now I’m an old fart — if I may be so blunt — and the only thing worth blogging about to the world, is work… Sadly. So, here’s goes, a third attempt (second private, but since it’s work, it’s not really private anyway) to start a weblog.

You know, the thing is, all the stuff I’ll be posting here will come from personal experience. Personal trial and error. Failure and the ability to get up and continue. Isn’t that what StackOverflow is for? Doesn’t Google offer about 8.730.886.562 results of people with the same shit? See my dilemma in continuing this blog? I mean, I’d like to bring something to the world of web developers, but quite frankly, I don’t know if I’ll survive. I’d much rather write about photography (a hobby of mine that started about 10 years ago) or mountainbiking (which I’ve really just started doing), but time is limited and I spend about 8-10 hours a day staring at this machine that’s just ruining my eyes…

Well, welcome to my blog!