The difficulty of using your car’s turn signal

Here’s something that bugs me a lot when driving a car: other drivers. Especially the ones driving either way too big or way too expensive cars with all their flashy chrome and xenon lights.

First off, I know you probably paid a shitload of money for that car, because you probably don’t want to leave anything behind when you die and thus have no children and you probably see your wife / girlfriend / mistress a full 8 hours a month. Happy times, you selfish bastard.

Second, the fact you pay too much money for a car you wouldn’t need in your lifetime doesn’t make you king of the road. We all had the same training, the same piece of paper or plastic in our wallet and we all follow the same rules. Deal with it, you ignorant fool.

Third, your car is way more advance than a you think and a lot of effort has been put in it to keep it on the road when you drive your stupid impatient face on it. And just because you don’t look where you’re headed when turning doesn’t automatically mean the whole world is closely watching you drive your stupid face around a bend. You have got to indicate, fuckbag.

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