Can’t disconnect Facebook from Spotify, you’ll lose your premium account

This Saturday my sister asked me how she could disconnect her Facebook data from Spotify and continue using Spotify with her email address and password. She used them to login in rather than her Facebook account data. It all worked until we disallowed Spotify to get access to her Facebook account.
She could no longer log in with her email address and re-allowing Spotify to use her Facebook account proved to be impossible. The website logged her in, but did not show any of her premium status and the desktop and mobile apps weren’t usable without saying you are a new user.

We wrote the help desk, but no answer yet. We googled around and found other users with the same issue.

As a developer I am disappointed in Spotify and this monumental fail in 2014. For one they offer the use of an email address and password as a way of logging in and the use of Facebook should be optional. Also, not getting access to your Facebook data should not delete your account. The fact that she has premium is just making the matter worse, but has no technical importance.

Spotify, explain.

Update: After this message hit the Twitters, @SpotifyCares contacted me, we wrote a bit and the answer I got was “It’s down to the wiring backstage but we can totally help her over to a fresh account with all the same details and a new Username.” Not something I am very happy about, but hell, software is a bitch sometimes. In the end she got 3 months free (1 month for creating a new account which they would transfer her playlists and playcounts to and 2 months to make up their mistake), so that’s a little retribution. I really hope they fix this!

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