History of phones

In my 27 years of violating the earth’s crust, I haven’t had many telephones. Here’s a list.

Swing 200
My first telephone. A big ol’ plastic device with rounded corners, an antenna and lots of rubber to add to the weight. Big soft rubber buttons sticking out and a phone the size of a roll of duct tape.

Nokia 8310
An expensive phone at the time, because it was tiny, had infrared capabilities, lots of phone book space and looked simply stunning. I am still very proud of this phone and I recently gave it to my daughter to play with.

Nokia E51
My first smart phone. At my first job’s location, there was another company that dealt with telecom. This phone was used to test a new way of calling internationally cheap. I liked the colour display, the camera and the ability to connect to WiFi and what not.

iPhone 3G
My first entry in the world of awesome. Through some luck, we found a cheap dealer (back in the days where this was still possible legally) online and got 3. The new feeling in the hands, the new features, the fancy effects, the games, the ease of use, everything about this phone was good for that time. After I broke the screen, replaced it and dropped it again, I used it without a screen for a while, looking for a new phone.

Samsung S600
This phone was sold to me by a friend, who didn’t have his iPhone drop several 1000 times and thus didn’t need it anymore. The simplicity of the device was pretty amazing. I have never liked slider-phones, as I heard lots of complaints, but this phone is still as rockin’ today as it was when I bought it. A bonus: the flash light options was very easy to use!

iPhone 4
My latest phone. I’ve had this phone for over 2 years now and I still enjoy using it. The speed is a bit of a pain each time, but I like the apps, I like the camera quality, I like the ease of everything. You might go so far as calling it love, but only in the way of really enjoying carrying that thing around. It has just about everything I need.

For a while I thought about buying a Nexus (we have two test devices in the office), because it is a really great device. However, I can’t just drop all investments I made and I like riding the popular train, because it guarantees a certain security.

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