Today I tossed my Fitbit Zip

I have been the proud owner of a Fitbit Zip for quite a while now. It feels like a lifetime ago we found one at a sale of Munich’s SportScheck, but it’s actually only been about 19 months, during which I tracked about 6100 km in a little under 7.8 million steps.

When I upgraded my iPhone 4 to an iPhone 6s early October 2015, I found it too was tracking my steps. The daily results weren’t that far off, so after some testing and comparing I decided to get rid of the Zip. My criteria was met by the iPhone’s results and now my little pink companion is taking some well deserved rest in a cupboard, patiently waiting for my phone to drop to its inevitable death.

My criteria wasn’t very hard to meet, as I’m not a fitness junky, nor am I a badge collector nor does reaching a specific number of steps a day add much to my life’s quality. But both devices had to be somewhat in the same region and that worked fine. Here are the last results to compare:

Thank you, Fitbit for everything.

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