WhatsApp and Facebook

A lot of people have started a campaign of hate towards WhatsApp and saying it’s rubbish. What changed? Facebook bought the lot. Why are people complaining all of a sudden? Because they don’t trust Facebook. Why don’t they trust Facebook? Because for some reason they seem to think they’re the most important people in the world and their privacy should be salvaged. Really, who the fuck cares what you are talking about to other people? That’s right, you. Your secrets are out in the open already and WhatsApp has never been keen on keeping their protocol very safe and secure. And Facebook knows just about everything about your already anyway. Just like Google. Google, by the way, just started with Google Glasses. No one seems to notice this is one awesome way of scanning cities for peoples’ faces and habits, do they? Google will soon have the whereabouts of people not even using the internet… Well, so long privacy. People, stop being such self-absorbed idiots. Little you say matters.

Seriously, if you want to live with your privacy intact, go visit your “friends” or write them real letters.

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