Escalation of hatred [#6]

The younger of two brothers was furious. Teeth clenched, balding his fists, eyes tight shut, struggling to gain control over his excited muscles. The older of the two had no regrets, no fear and was just standing there as his brother almost burst with drops of spit exiting his mouth from anger. Due to a semi-violent history in their family both were fighters, but since the older brother had more experience in fighting peers, the younger one wouldn’t be a match. As he stood there, waiting for a proper reaction by his brother, he saw the kid’s face go red, veins visible, shirt shake, the tiniest of groans, an attempt at bodily control. The younger brother finally calmed down, breathing heavily, cooling down, relaxing, he took a pause and took a deep breath. And another. At the top of his lungs the words “FUCK YOU!” came out, “fuck you,” a second time quieter and with more air. The shout kind of surprised his older brother. The younger walked off, closing the front door behind him.

I realize this isn’t the best conversation in the world, but I just wanted to write this shit down.