The midnight call [#1]

As I stepped into the room which had no light, a sudden movement – lit by the lights behind me – caught my eyes in the corner. As a reflex I hastily walked backwards back to the light and closed the door in a swift and silent move. But alas, the creature had awakened and was asking for its fathering figure. “Papa, papa, papa,” it sounded through the babyphone. “Hallo papa, papa, papa, hallo papa,” it continued uttering. Failed at my stealth approach I returned into the room which had no light and the creature wanted entertainment it seemed. Asking “sauka papa? Sauka,” I could only imagine it required some smooth rocking in the rocking chair next to the bed. I neared the creature that sat in the bed placed in the corner and reached towards it with my arms. It grabbed hold of a soft cuddly polar bear and entered my arms. The once white polar bear purposed as a soothing agent and a partner. It held secrets in absolute silence, would never speak and always listen. The room felt warm, yet blankets were present and taken with to the rocking chair. As if the creature had never woken up, it slept without a sound or hesitation. It slept on papa’s stomach, holding its precious friend, the polar bear. And it was placed back in the bed where it resides still. Until it awakens for daily duties of learning, observation and the occasional annoyances. Sleep tight, little creature, and let daddy come to rescue in these cases of nightly disturbances. 🙂