Google’s Gmail app shows inline ads…

This morning I was checking my email in the official Gmail app (to be honest, I accidentally hit it and decided to organize a bit) and I noticed an unknown message that looked slightly different: an ad. I knew Google was showing ads in their Gmail web app (technically it’s a website, but people insist on using the term “web app”, because it can do quite a lot more than an old fashion website) and I’m fine with that. Showing an ad in a mobile app is fine too, but I don’t like how they put it there. It looks like an email message apart from the timestamp that is replaced with an “i” for information about the ads and the lack of a select box.


Like I said, I’ve never seen them and maybe they’re only shown in the Promotions-tab, in which case damage isn’t that bad. I don’t use that tab that often anyway.

Anyway, just wanted to share.

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  1. Hey Shivam, thanks for dropping by! I wasn’t aware of the feature on the iPhone as I’ve never seen it. Googling however shows it’s been well-known for Android users. I just would like it to be marked a bit more as an ad so I can easily look around it. Now it’s just like an e-mail and I look at it as I check the Promotions tab.

  2. I have 2 Nexus 7 and one shows ads even though both are configured the same and has blocking software. Anyways. I let my guardian use that one and they click on the ads as they are interested in the offers which is based on their search pattern. Score 1 for Big G, I guess.

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