I decided to give Twitter another chance

On 14 September 2009 at 17:06 I joined Twitter to register my name there. It’s good to have some online establishment I think. I never intended to use and found the information overwhelming and chaotic and this hasn’t gotten better over the years. It’s a mess. I am following 209 people and am followed by 86 (most people I know from work).
Oh, just got another follower, so 87 now, but I don’t know her. Why is she following me? @Erin_Dane follows 9.432 and is followed by 8.887 people. She can’t possibly be real, can she? Anyway, back on topic.

How can you make sense of this mess? It’s a constant almost endless stream of messages about all sorts of things. People and companies you don’t even know that well in real life. Are you really reading them and responding to them? Are you skimming over it searching for keywords? I have yet to learn the Twitter. Then there are the ads inline. More text and images and chaos! My oh my…

Anyway, the first 10 hours are okay so far. I’m not looking to get lost in there and luckily I can mute away people and unfollow others. Lots to be done and I’ll give it a go.

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